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Fiona Léus-Lambert was born in Sheffield, England

Studied:           Bournmouth College of Art
                          Staedel Acadamy of Art, Frankfurt Main - Painting, Film, Interdisciplinary Art.

Exhibitions:     Worldwide including:
                          London, Brussels, Dijon, Mainz, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Louiville, etc.                

Film Screenings:   Amsterdam, Bologna, Chicago, Berlin, Frankfurt (including work
                                  for the William Forsythe Ballet ), New York, Tokyo, Vienna, etc.

Installations:   Mainz City Gallery, 3x Klingeln, "Pipes and Vibes" - Die Höge,
                           'Cloud Picture' Dreieich, I remember HER and numerous video installations.

Studio:              Porthelven, Cornwall.
Film + Video + DVD
Corporate Art
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The cute girl in the front row on the right....
Fiona Léus is an artist of our time. Working with many  of  the materials avaiable in modern life. Film, video, computers, as well as photographic emulsions and paints and canvas. Installations can be a mixture of 16mm film, DVDs and computer projections, or multi-media presentations mixed with objects and artifacts. Her paintings are oil on canvas, her photo-grafics a mixture of mediums, there are also C-prints and videos. Whether it be filling the walls of a former cinema with images of underwater swimmers or replacing the windows of a shop with images from China, Fiona's work reflects her experiences in a unique way.
Current Studio - in Porthleven, Cornwall
Studio house Wagonfabrik, from 1999 - 2009, with some of the artist's collegues.
From left to right: Patricia Hell, Christiane Schauder, Fiona Léus, Klaus Lomnitzer,
Jürgen Blumberg, Susanne Wadle, Silvia Willkins
The Artist's Studio
Mainz - Wagonfabrik
The "WagonFabrik" or Wagon Factory is a collection of Artist's studios converted from a former U.S. Army tank repair workshop. Fourteen artists have their studios, which includes exhibition space, in Mainz, Germany.

The studios have regular open days, exhibitions and events, details of which are available on request.
On Location: Filming in Madiera.
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