'Faces in China'

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About Fiona Léus
The film: "Faces in China" was filmed in 1990, in Xin Hui, a small town in the south of China.
People walk along the main street towards and past the camera. When they move throught the area of focus individual passers-by are filmed in slow motion. This offers the opportunity to look more closely at the faces, at what is foreign, at the 'other'.
Faces in China - 6 Min. Schwarz/Weiß, ohne Ton
In 1990 in Xin-Hui, einer Kleinstadt im Süden von China, aufgenommen. Menschen gehen und fahren mit dem Rad eine Strasse entlang, auf die Kamer zu und vorbei. Im Bereich der Bild-Schärfe werden die Passanten in Zeitlupe aufgenommen. Diese 'Lupe' ermöglicht das andere, das Fremde, genauer zu betrachten.
Video-Installation in the Espresso Bar
A corner shop was trasformed into an Espresso Bar for 3 months as an Art Action, created by Median & Kultur e.V., in co-operation with invited artists

The video installtion 'Fenster Schau - Schau Fenster' came to life every evening for one week and the projected images of 'Faces in China' lit up the three shop windows, replacing the view from inside the Espresso Bar to the outside world, and the view from the street into the gallery coffee bar.
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