Fiona Léus
My Installation work has come from the desire to walk into the art work, or to see a painting that moves.

Sometimes it has just been the right medium to present an idea or to work with a particular space.

The Installations have often included the use of my films or in some cases video or DVD. Video is useful for live projection, and DVD is great for repeat projections of a film 'loop'.

Other Installations have also made use of objects and photos from daily life.
Film and Video
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Film- Video + DVD Installations
Room Installations

"Daedalus' Sons and Daughters" from Fiona Léus on Vimeo.

Installation at the
Landesmuseum Rheinland-Pfalz,  Mainz
Installation and Action 'Nebel BIld'
DreieicherKunsttage 1999
DVD Installation
Basarland 2005
DVD Installation 'Film-Box'
Germersheim Art Society 200
DVD Installation
'Daedalus' Sons and Daughters' Gallerie der Stadt Mainz 2004
Action and Installation with video, photos furniture and objects.
3 x Klingeln 1997
Video Installation
Fenster Shau - SchauFenster
EsspressoBar  2003
Multi Super 8, 16mm. + Video Projection Installation + Performance - 'Pipes and Vibes' - 'Die Höge Simposium' 2000
Video Installation
'Daedalus Sons + Daughters'
Bischofsheimer Gangart 2002
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