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About Fiona Léus
From 2005 - 2010 I worked with women in prison. Although the prison did it's best to accomadate an art class, what we could do was limited.
As I wanted the women to draw from life, to school their seeing of what is real, I started to pick wild flowers by the side of the road on the half hour drive each week to the prison.
The women appreciated having something natural and colourful in the beige and grey of the modern prison architecture, although at the end of the lesson they flowers had to be removed again. Many beautiful works were created during these precious 2 hours.

I have always loved trying to capture what I see in drawings. Mostly my gaze has turned to people, but inspired by the honest attemps and genuine works created by some of the women I met in prison, I started working with flowers too.

The paintings are perhaps not part of my usual work, but they mean a lot to me.
'Flowers in Space'
Oil on Canvas 3x 10 x 50 cm
'Himalayan Poppy' - 40 x 40 cm
'Tiger Lilly' - 40 x 40 cm
'Flower Memory'
Oil on Canvas - 60 x 50 cm
This painting of autumn leaves was painted on a canvas that was made in the prison workshop. It was colaboration between myself and an inmate.