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About Fiona Léus
My first steps to bring images from my films into daylight involved a photographic process that I call Photo-Grafics.
It is a darkroom process whereby the images are brought
onto material to be later stretched on a frame like a canvas.

Later I applied this process to works created around photographs that I borrowed from friends, of their parents during their youth. My parents generation and that of most of my friends were the generation that were young, at their physical peak, during the war years, the years where Europe was at it lowest point.

The photo-graphics 'zoom in' on small details in often very small old photos and enlarge them to bring them to the for front. Despite the desperate times, love, friendship and a need to care for appearance existed,as is seen in 3 of the pictures 'Paar' (Pair), 'Freundinnen' (Girlfriends) and Ladies, from this series.
Daedalus' sons
30 x 30cm
Pair /Paar
60 x 60cm
Girlfriends / Freundinnen
100 x 100cm
100  x 100cm
Archemedes Principle
30 x 30cm
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