Installation -
Multi Projections
'Pipes and Vibes'

Super 8, 16 mm. and Video.
Films + Video + DVD
About Fiona Lus
Interdisciplinary Symposion at the The Hge, near Breman, Germany,
with musik, dance, film and sculpture.
Link: www.hoege.org
In 1999 I was invited to work with 6 other artists, from 4 artistic disciplines, during a three week symposium at the artist's colony  'Die Hge'. At the end of the three weeks there was a public showing and performanc of the combined  work that had been created during this time.

I worked with 16mm. film, Super 8 film and video, collecting images from the surrounding area in which we were staying, and images made  with and of the dancers and musicians.

The films  were developed and edited during the three weeks, and then  woven into the final performance. They were projected around the huge barn space onto 5 screens, culminating in all five surfaces being played sumultaneously.
Some stills from the 5 projections shown during the combined performance.
From left to right:
Fiona Leus (Mainz, Germany), Beatrice Graf (Genf), Inrene Coticchio, (London) Hilde Kappes (Berlin), Birgit Kratzheller (Darmstadt), Salome Buser (Basel)
und  Giordana Pascucci (Rom).