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Most of my stripe works, which concerntrate on the simultaneous vibrancy of colour, have been painted with oil paints.
But I also love to work with coloured pencils, and these two drawings are examples of stripes in another medium.

Here in Cornwall some new and rather different small drawings have developed, which I will be uploading onto the website soon.
The actual drawings are about 10 x 10 cm
Summer 2007 -  some new works:
Series -''Beach Sounds'
Morning, Mid-day, Afternoon + Evening
Oil on Canvas - each - 30 x 24 cm
My current work with stripes utilises the effect that colours have upon each other. The colours are vital and bright, preferably intoxicatingly so! Each colour's position on the canvas enables it to be seen more strongly and appreciated for its worth amongst the other colours. The stripes crystalise from the search for the best form to give the desired effect. The lines have a calm and rational influence on the paintings. However the colour combinations cannot be rationally grasped.
the speed of light is 186.000 miles per hour
Oil on Canvas, 110cm x 90cm
Movement or space become visible in the lines. The eyes can concentrate on a particular colour or stripe but then discover its connection to other parts of the painting or to the whole, which causes  a kind of playful, meditative concentration.

We cannot see radio waves, infrared, radioactivity or hordes of other energies that we know exist in and around us. We do not see smells, the warmth given off by a person near us, or viruses. What are these energies like that surround us daily, even passing through our bodies?
Apart from the colours themselves, the pictures also represent for me an idea of the movement of such energies.
Sidereal Universe
Oil on Canvas, 110cm x 90cm
Oil on Canvas
24 cm x 30 cm
Stellar Light
Oil on Canvas, 60cm x 50cm
This is, of course, just a small selection of part of my work with stripes, and inter-action between colours.
Some of the works are available as prints on canvas.

For further information, prices and viewings, please contact me at.
Venus Light
Oil on Canvas, 110cm x 95cm
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